WeDaVinci builds on individuals’ strengths and matches the right people to collaborate on ideas – the key to successful innovation.

Facilitating Participation

Besides matching complementary-skilled individuals, WeDaVinci provides support tools that foster creativity and facilitate business modeling.

Providing Key Insights

Identify the right people for a project, watch collaboration networks grow and access a treasure chest of knowledge for immediate and future endeavors.

That’s the real lesson of where good ideas come from:
That chance favors the connected mind.

Steven Johnson, TED-Speaker and author of bestseller “Where the good ideas come from”

About WeDaVinci



Easy onboarding

WeDaVinci builds on individuals’ strengths. Everyone can make a valuable contribution – the secret lies in collaboration.



Encouraging collaboration

Matching the right people: Collaborative endeavors lead to better, thought-through concepts, ready for implementation.



Providing support

Creativity support tools enhance creativity and help structure the thoughts – e.g. for business modeling.



Valuable insights

Identify the best people and teams for a project, collaboration networks that thrive and promising projects for the near or the far future.